More scales

Here are some other cool, exotic scales. Many of these scales are known under many names and sometimes there are multiple scales referred to one name.

Algerian Scale ... this scale is used in music from the Middle East, also known as the Byzantine Scale.
Arabic Scale ... this scale is used in Arabic music are one of two scales often referred to "Arabic".
Augmented Scale ... a hexatonic scale, also known as Symmetrical Augmented Scale.
Balinese Scale ... also referred to as Balinese Pelog Scale.
Byzantine Scale ... an exotic sounding scale also known as Double Harmonic.
Chinese Scale ... learning this scale is a great introduction to Chinese music.
Diminished Scale ... an octatonic scale.
Dominant Diminished Scale ... an octatonic and symmetrical scale (a.k.a. the Half-tone/Whole-tone Scale).
Egyptian Scale ... one of the scales being referred to this name.
Eight Tone Spanish ... suited for Spanish music and Jewish music.
Enigmatic Scale ... a somewhat obscured scale invented by Giuseppe Verdi.
Geez Scale ... a scale with Ethiopian roots.
Hindu Scale ... a scale suitable for improvising in Indian music style.
Hirajoshi ... Japanese pentantonic scale.
Hungarian Scale ... comparable with the Harmonic minor and is often used in Indian classical music.
Japanese Scale ... also called "In Sen scale" and are built like a pentatonic scale.
Octatonic Scale ... a scale in two versions with both including eight tones and alternate half and whole steps differently.
Oriental Scale ... a scale common in Chinese music.
Whole Tone Scale ... belongs to the symmetrical scales and consists only of whole tone intervals.
Romanian Minor Scale ... from Eastern Europe and great for improvising in a melancholy mood with a twist of traditional folk music.
Spanish Gypsy Scale ... correctly known as Phrygian dominant scale, but is often called Spanish Gypsy because of its flavor of flamenco and South East Europe.
Super Locrian Scale ... built on the Locrian mode and also called as both Altered and Diminished Whole Tone. Quite common in jazz.
Maqam ... maqams are groups of modes often played with Middle Eastern instruments.
Yo Scale ... another Japanese scale.

By definition, exotic scales are scales that not are included in the western music tradition, but this collection also include other scales that in some aspects could be seen as rare and used in experimental rock or modern jazz for exemple.