Backing tracks

Music without piano parts made for improvise and exercise with on keyboard or piano.

Backing tracks are music arrangements that can be used for exercise scales or improvise to. The tonal flavors in all sorts of scales makes them magic tools for playing over chord and music arrangements. On this page you find backing tracks for piano categorized by scale and keys. The Major Scales Backing Tracks album, for example, includes instrumental tracks made specially to be use with the Major scales.

Backing tracks for Major scales presented by

Major Scales backing tracks album cover
Track list

C Major electronic pop

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D Major white shade pop

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E Major pop

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F Major jazz

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G Major slow country

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A Major fast pop

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B Major lofty pop

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The full album (including C#, D#, F#, G#, A#, Bb, Ab, Gb, Eb, and Db tracks) is available in the member area.

Backing tracks for Minor scales presented by Coming soon

Minor Scales backing tracks album cover