Piano backing tracks for blues

Blues jam tracks without piano parts made for improvise and exercise with on keyboard or piano.

The Blues Scales Backing Tracks album includes instrumental tracks made specially to be used with Blues scales.

You don't have to change scale with chord changes. Instead, you can use a single scale for the whole song. Click on “Show scale” below the audio element for a diagram of the scale to use.

All scale notes from the included scale diagram will sound consonant, meaning they are congenial to the harmony of the other instrument in the jam track. Good improvisation, however, is more than just playing notes which in some way match the harmony. You want to “say” something with your improvisation, not just throwing out notes. One method to make it sound “right” is to mainly play notes from the actual chords that is played and in other ways adjust your note palette throughout chord changes. To be able to distinguish the chord, you need to develop your ear and recognize intervals (check out Ear training for intervals).

In coming updates, licks to use will also be presented.

Backing tracks for blues scales presented by Pianoscales.org.

Blues Scales backing tracks album cover
Track list

C Fast Blues

Show scale C major scale diagram

A Rhythm Blues

Show scale F# minor scale diagram

The full album (including 14 tracks) is available in the member area.

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