Piano backing tracks for major scales

Music in major keys without piano parts made for improvise and exercise with on keyboard or piano.

These backing tracks are music arrangements made for play along with using various Major scales, which are indicated with charts adjacent to each track. The Major Scales Backing Tracks album include instrumental tracks, in pop, rock and other genres.

The tracks are created to fit with a specific scale; therefore, you don't have to change scale during the song. A tip nevertheless: if you can't recognize the chords, be restrictive with – or use primarily as passing tones – the 4th and 7th notes in the scale since they will create dissonance against the 3rd and 1st scale notes when these are present in the chords. But don't be afraid to experiment with notes outside the scale, which in sparse use can contribute a lot. For instance, try to find if the neighbor key to the root note in the scale will add some interest at some part of a track.

Click on “Show scale” below the audio element for a diagram of the scale to use.

Backing tracks for major scales presented by Pianoscales.org.

Major Scales backing tracks album cover
Track list

C Major Soft Ballad

Show scale C major scale diagram

D Major White Shade Pop

Show scale D major scale diagram

E Major Pop

Show scale E major scale diagram

F Major Rock

Show scale F major scale diagram

G Major Slow Country

Show scale G major scale diagram

A Major Fast Pop

Show scale A major scale diagram

B Major Lofty Pop

Show scale B major scale diagram

The full album (including C#, D#, F#, G#, A#, Bb, Ab, Gb, Eb and Db tracks) is available in the member area.

Backing tracks overview

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