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"Excellent reference source for all musicians!! Best music reference site on the WWW. Great idea and very well implemented. Thank you!!"

"Hi , I would just like to say what a great learning platform this is . I am so glad to be a part of it , just wish I'd found it sooner 🙄 ./ Regards Patricia 😊"

$3 monthly membership - part 1

You get access to the piano sheet music collection plus the Classical Music. Sheet Music for Piano e-books.

Sheet Music Collection

In addition, you get access to the growing sheet music collection (classical music, traditional songs and children songs are genres covered) with many versions of each piano piece:

  • Normal version
  • Easy version
  • Note letters version (note names are visible)
  • Sound.

Classical Music ebook coversClassical Music e-books

The collections of sheet music includes piano pieces from famous composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann, Edvard Grieg, Georg Friedrich Händel and Antonio Vivaldi.

The piano pieces are well-recognizable with arrangements for beginners to low intermediate players. The books contains advice and explanations about how to play all piano pieces. They also has biographies of the composers.

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$3 monthly membership - part 2

In addition to the above, as a member you get the full backing tracks collection plus scales in musical notes.

Backing tracks album

Backing tracks album coverThis is music arrangements that can be used for exercise scales and/or improvising. The piano parts is removed, which is for you to play. Instructions are given for which scales to use for matching the music. A selection of available albums:

  • Major Scales Backing Tracks (for all 17 major keys)
  • Minor Scales Backing Tracks (for all 17 minor keys)
  • Orchestra Backing Tracks (for the classical music genre)
  • Blues Scales Backing Tracks (for the blues genre)
  • Jazz Piano Scales Backing Tracks (for the jazz genre)
  • Synthesizer Backing Tracks (especially great for synths).
  • Electric Piano Backing Tracks (especially great for electric piano.

Listen to a preview from one of the included tracks on Major Scales Backing Tracks:

In addition, you get access to new created exclusive material on your member page.

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