Minor seventh interval

Minor seventh in musical notationThe minor seventh interval consists of two notes with ten semi-steps distance. For example, C to Bb note will result in this musical interval.

The minor seventh interval is abbreviated m7 (an alternate spelling is augmented sixth). Related is the major seventh, which is abbreviated M7
Keyboard minor seventh interval 
A minor seventh C to Bb on the keyboard.

Listen to minor seventh interval (C-Bb):

This interval is present in some 7th chords. For example, C7 consisting of the notes C, E, G, Bb and Cm7 consisting of C, Eb, G, Bb.

Ascending minor seventh intervals

A list with ascending minor seventh intervals:

Inversions of these intervals will result in major seconds.

Descending minor seventh intervals

A list with descending minor seventh intervals:

Mixolydian mode with the minor seventh flavor

The minor seventh characterizes the Mixolydian Mode.

C Mixolydian scale diagram
C Mixolydian with a C to Bb interval.

The interval can be found in other modes as well, such as Dorian, Phrygian, Aeolian and Locrian. It can also be found in the Natural and the Harmonic Minor scales.