Major second interval

Major second in musical notationThe major second interval consists of two notes with one whole step distance. For example, C to D note will result in this musical interval.

The major second interval is abbreviated M2 whereas the minor second is abbreviated m2. An alternate spelling of major second is diminished third.
Keyboard major second interval 
A major second with C to D on the keyboard.

Listen to major second interval (C-D):

In scales, this interval is the most frequent. In major scales, the major second interval is represented five times. For example, in C Major (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) the major seconds are C-D, D-E, F-G, G-A and A-B.

The major second is also present in some chords, such as sus2 and add2. The number two are pointing out that a second interval is included in the chord. For example, Csus2 consists of the notes C, D, G.

To being able to distinguish this interval by ear, a good idea is to think about familiar songs which first notes match. M2 ascending examples are "Brother John" and "Silent Night".

Ascending major second intervals

A list with ascending major second intervals:

Descending major second intervals

A list with descending major second intervals:

Enharmonic notes such as Cb and Fb are leaved out.