Exercises for left hand

Exercises for left hand with fingerings, including two octaves of major scales. The numbers that you can see above the notes are indicating which fingers the notes should be played with.
1 = thumb | 2 = index finger | 3 = middle finger | 4 = ring finger | 5 = little finger.

C major scale
c scale notesG major scale
g scale notesD major scale
d scale notesA major scale
a scale notesE major scale
e scale notesB major scale
b scale notesF major scale
f scale notesBb major scale
Bb scale notesEb major scale
Eb scale notesAb major scale
Ab scale notesDb major scale
Db scale notesGb major scale
Gb scale notes
These scales are for the left hand. In addition, you should of course exercise scales with your right hand, but in that case you use some other fingerings.